Current Board Members:

  • Suzanne Linebarger – since April 2015
  • Ariane Lyons – since July 2012
  • Annette Manolis – since April 2015
  • Gene Renda – since July 2007
  • Melissa Shrout since December 2013
  • David Smith – since February 2012
  • Gwen Stephens – since April 2015

Add your name here – we need you!!


Please consider adding your name to the list above!! We especially need volunteers who are good communicators, thoughtful and insightful, willing to listen and problem solve, open to understanding and accepting opposing points of view, and willing to see action items through to completion. 

If you are interested in serving the Arden Park community by joining the APHA Board, please review the document below to learn more about how we as a board pledge to operate.  This document also includes a Board Member application that allows us to get to know you – don’t worry, it’s really easy!

If you want to talk to a board member for additional insight after reading this document, just EMAIL US and we’ll schedule time with you.  Or if you are ready to join us, mail or email the completed application page and we will contact you prior to the next scheduled Board Meeting.